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by Transect Team, on Oct 27, 2020

This is the first post of our new series "What They Said - What It Means," where we unscramble the jargon around an environmental topic and discuss what it really …

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Topics:ESAPermittingEndangered Species ActWhat It Means

by Transect Team, on Jul 20, 2020

On July 16th, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced their 12-month plan to determine whether listing the dunes sagebrush lizard (DSL) under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is warranted …

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Topics:EndangeredESAEndangered Species Act

by Transect Team, on Dec 3, 2018

The Supreme Court’s Limited Ruling on Critical Habitat and the Endangered Species Act As we wrote about in October, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Weyerhaeuser v. USFWS, a case …

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Topics:EndangeredESACritical HabitatEndangered Species Act

by Transect Team, on Oct 12, 2018

We recently wrote about proposed modifications to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that could change how agencies evaluate the threat levels for Endangered and Threatened Species. While the U.S. Fish …

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Topics:ESACritical Habitat

by Transect Team, on Aug 7, 2018

Congress passed the Endangered Species Act (the ESA or the Act) in 1973 to protect wildlife, plants, and habitat types at risk of becoming extinct. The Act has helped save …

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